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TuningStation Ski

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Tools4Boards TuningStation Ski includes all the necessities for complete ski edge and base maintenance. Included in this kit: 1) improved XACT All-in-1 tool - durable Lexan polycarbonate tool sharpens and bevels ski or snowboard side edge, base edge and trims excess side wall • side-edge and Base-edge angle options from 0° to 6° • patented adjustment feature provides simple and accurate bevel angles - simply turn knob to clamp file, or pull and turn knob to adjust bevel angle • ceramic rollers minimize friction and allow filings to fall away from base. • includes high quality Swiss-made file blade and instructions 2) Briko-Maplus Wax - 30 grams warm temp. (white -5° to 0°C) and 30 grams cold temp. (green -15° to -5°C) high melt paraffin 3) Buff Cork/Nylon Brush - German made cork and brush combination ideal for rubbing wax into base and opening base structure after waxing 4) Brass File Brush for removing filings from file teeth 5) Ceramic Polishing Stone for de-tuning, de-burring and polishing edges 6) P-tex Base Repair Candles for repairing minor gouges in base (black and clear) 7) Stainless Steel Scraper with burred edge for removal of excess base material 8) U.S. Ski, Snowboard and Freeskiing Plexi Ski Scraper - 13cm wide, 3mm thick plexi scraper for skis 9) Structure 3M Sandpaper - Fine, 180 grit for creating base structure 10) Brite 3M Scotchbrite Abrasive Nylon Pad for removing micro-hairs on base material 11) Retract brake retainer - rubber retaining rings fit over ski brake arms, durable elastic shock cord is tensioned to safely hold brakes fully retracted and out of the way 12) Detailed DIY Instructions - everything you need to know for professional results.