Ivan Origone set the world speed skiing record reaching 158 mph (254.95km) to become the fastest non-motorized human on the planet using Maplus Ski Wax.

Maplus is part of the innovative company Maflon S.p.A. specialized in fluorochemical products, owned by the Mazza Holding, an Italian industrial group, leader in the research, development and production of high-tech fluorinated products. The ski wax division was born in 1997 and thanks to synergies with the industrial chemical research it was possible to reach in a short time a leader position in terms of fluorinated and perfluorinated racing ski waxes in World Cup. Now we can proudly say that our perfluorinated ski waxes are the testing reference in gliding tests and they are used by nearly all World Cup Teams during races. But Maplus is not only race waxing, it’s also an exhaustive choice of ski waxes and tuning accessories split into different lines of products developed to satisfy the needs of every skier and snowboarder.